Top tips for small improvements to outdoor space
Top tips for small improvements to outdoor space

Top tips for small improvements to outdoor space

Winter drifted to spring then to summer and autumn this year! Void of typical travel or events that often marked the change of seasons, it seems to be an almost semiconscious slide through the warmer summer months.

What has been noticeable is the consistently lovely weather across most of the UK. If you’re lucky enough to have a patio, garden or grassy pitch, chances are you have a new-found appreciation for your outdoor space.

Did you use this time to make improvements to your garden or outdoor space?

Gardening galore

It seems everyone has gotten into gardening! It’s no wonder – digging in the dirt can be extremely therapeutic. It brings a connection to the earth and appreciation for how things grow. Gardening is also a nice diversion during otherwise challenging times. And who wouldn’t agree that a colourful array of flowers can improve any space – indoors or out.

Focusing on health and eating well is a good reason to cultivate your own fruit and vegetables – plus they often taste better! Try transforming an unused corner that gets the sun into a raised garden bed or designated vegetable patch. Large containers also work well. Many people are now reaping the rewards of planting early seeds, which have now sprouted into summer veggies.

But if you didn’t start planting in the spring, there’s still plenty you can do. Hanging baskets and potted flowers make great additions to even the smallest outdoor space. Pots filled with kitchen herbs add decoration as well as being flavoursome additions to your meals.

Landscape design

Maybe more time at home gave you the opportunity to make bigger changes to your garden. Whether hiring professionals or moving things yourself, it’s always a good idea to draw up a plan when making landscape changes.

Be sure to map out designated areas and measure the space. This is especially important if you intend to install a hot tub or raised pool, or if you plan to use the space for an outdoor dining table or sofa set.

If paving a walkway, patio or creating levels in your garden, there are vast selections of tile, brick or decking to choose from. It’s useful to get samples and play with patterns before committing your vision to stone.

It’s the little things

Improving your outdoor space doesn’t have to involve a lot of effort. There are many small additions that can make a big difference.

When the sun goes down, the subtle glow of solar lights surrounding a patio or lighting a pathway can create elegant ambiance to your outdoor space at night. Chimineas keep fire contained and make a great addition, especially if your space is relatively small.

It goes without saying that having somewhere comfortable to exist in your garden is of great importance. Consider your favourite spot in the garden and whether you use that space for dining or relaxing in luxury to consider what outdoor seating will work best.

Whatever improvements you bring to your garden this season, enjoy the fresh air and all the best of British summer. Stay safe, healthy and well in the outdoors!

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