Reflect on past holiday highlights to incorporate the best features closer to home
Reflect on past holiday highlights to incorporate the best features closer to home

Reflect on past holiday highlights to incorporate the best features closer to home

What was your favourite summer holiday? As we approach the height of summer, it’s worth reflecting on what made your best holiday so memorable.

Was it a vacation at a spanking five-star accommodation, where you wined and dined? Or a trip to some far-flung destination that helped broaden your cultural perspective? Were you wowed by spectacular scenery or challenged by a new skill? Maybe it was a holiday spent with close family or good friends that made it truly special.

Whatever it was that made your holiday stand out, it’s important to identify which elements contributed to that special time. Often its simply the much-needed time away from the daily grind, to recharge your batteries, that makes time off so essential.

Chances are you have had to adjust the summer holiday plans you started the year with. Maybe now plans include a getaway closer to home or a visit to family or friends nearby. Perhaps given current circumstances, it will be a staycation at home.

Whatever highlights you’ve taken from past holidays, try to incorporate some of the best features you identified into your planned time off this year:

Change your perspective

Sometimes this is as simple as changing your surroundings slightly. If you are staying home, consider venturing to a new location to cycle or hike. Take a picnic to a scenic spot with a spectacular view and make a day of it. Or visit a nearby treasure such a historic site or castle garden. Even just a day away can be the change of scenery you need to see things fresh again.

Pamper yourselves

Give yourself permission to indulge a little. Whatever your plans are, make a point to do something nice – just as you would on other holidays. Take nice meals, stroll through local markets for a special memento, or splurge on something you’ve been eyeing for a while.

Challenge your horizons

Maybe there is an outdoor water sport or adventure that you’ve been wanting to try. Holiday time is often a good time to develop a new skill that despite everything, you haven’t had a chance to tackle yet. Most outdoor activities are running again with additional safety measures in place, so it’s worth checking around and booking in early.

Rest and recover

Even on the most active holidays, you need some down time to relax and recover. Some of the best holiday time includes lazing in a lounge chair or hammock, idling away the hours buried in a good book, or spending long afternoons gathered around a table with friends or family. Make time to relax and enjoy doing nothing.

Bring the holiday home

There are some elements that you find on holiday that you wish to incorporate into your home life. Maybe it was a certain piece of furniture in the place you stayed, or something about the landscape that you wish to replicate in your garden. Use this inspiration to make improvements in your surroundings at home, in a way that will conjure that holiday feeling all year.

Whatever your goals, it may be a different holiday than you originally planned. But often the best part of any time away is coming home – refreshed and with a slightly different outlook. Take insight from past holidays to make your time memorable, and your home the holiday destination you didn’t know you were craving.

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