Outdoor furniture expectations vs reality – 4 things to consider
Outdoor furniture expectations vs reality – 4 things to consider
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Outdoor furniture expectations vs reality – 4 things to consider

You spent the summer landscaping your garden or finishing that long overdue outdoor improvement project. Now you have a fresh new outside space to fill! Perhaps after a several months of spending time outdoors, you just want to refresh your furniture with end-of-season savings.

September is a great time to grab a great deal on luxury outdoor furnishings for garden, conservatory or outdoor space. And there’s still plenty of time to enjoy your furniture set well into autumn. Here are four useful things to consider:

What do you want to do?

Consider whether you primarily like to dine alfresco or gather around a table to socialise or if you are looking more for lounging space to relax, sunbathe or snooze on. There are many options when it comes to dining table set, sun loungers or sofa sets that combine both.

How much space to you have?

It’s a good idea to measure the area and consider the layout for what you want to do. Be realistic on how much surrounding space you need to manoeuvre around tables or gaps between chairs. If space is not a concern, consider how many people you may (eventually) have gathered at any one time. A large corner sofa may be a good solution combined with plush chairs and dining table.

Will you rearrange furniture often?

Given the variety of materials available (see next point), think about whether the outdoor furniture will occupy a prime spot and stay put or if you tend to move things around often to catch the sun or shade. This will often impact the materials you choose for your furniture.

What materials?

That is the big question. Plastic chairs aside, there are many options for outdoor furniture. Chances are you carefully selected the furniture for each room throughout your house. So why not put the same care in choosing quality materials and aesthetic design for your outdoor pieces?

Rattan sofa and dining sets are a popular choice since they are light and can easily be moved. Metal furniture made of stainless steel or aluminium or wrought iron, is heavier but also more resilient to everyday wear and tear. It also lasts for years in all weather.

Natural wood is a renewable source and ages beautifully. But you should know where it comes from to avoid contributing to deforestation (more on this in a separate blog).  Wood furniture also takes some upkeep to keep it looking its best year after year.

Finally, consider the cushions and fabric for your outdoor furniture. Many cushions are not water resistant so need to be taken in each night and in damp weather. Choosing cushions made for all-weather and performance fabrics such as Sunbrella mean they will be resistant to UV fading and mildew and can be left out year-round.

As with the rest of your home furnishings, it’s worth investing in quality materials to ensure your outdoor furniture will suit the way you want to live. With more importance placed on space and fresh air, make your purchase something you can enjoy for years to come!

Bella Blu Design specialises in contemporary luxury outdoor furniture, hand built in England. Inspired by our passion for outdoor life, and commitment to exceptional quality and customer service. Visit www.bellabludesign.co.uk for eye-catching ideas.

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