7 surprising ways ‘me time’ is more refreshing than new socks
7 surprising ways ‘me time’ is more refreshing than new socks

7 surprising ways ‘me time’ is more refreshing than new socks

Ever feel like you are constantly moving from one thing to the next? Before you know it it’s the end of the week again. Family, work, managing schedules, meals, social life, house chores, life admin – the list goes on. But what about me time?

Unless you build in some personal time, ideally every day, it will not happen. No one else will schedule it for you. But research suggests that taking time for yourself can have multiple health benefits.

Here are 7 ways to find time for you that will refresh and restore your wellbeing:

  1. Go for a walk – or any other exercise that you enjoy by yourself. Raising your pulse rate helps clear your mind, allowing you to refocus on tasks ahead.
  2. Dance to your favourite song – the power of music can certainly move us. Whether jamming to an energising tune or an uplifting instrumental piece, listening to the music you want to hear can recharge you.
  3. Paint or draw – who says colouring is just for kids? Freehand drawing, sketching or even colouring in mandalas can have a remarkably calming effect. Keep an open mind, and you may surprise yourself with your own creativity!
  4. Enjoy a cuppa – find a quiet corner to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while silently observing your surroundings. By taking a few minutes to ground yourself, you create more space for ideas.
  5. Swim – surrounded by coastline, in the UK we are never far from the sea, lake, river or pool. Especially in the summer, a bracing swim in cool water will completely rejuvenate the soul.
  6. Read – diving into a captivating article or good book, even for just 15 minutes, allows you to delve into another world for a change of pace, while expanding your mind.
  7. Be outdoors – research confirms that spending time in nature each week is can have positive benefits for good health and well-being.

Whatever you like to do to capture a few minutes of time to yourself, it is sure to have a positive effect on your productively and outlook for othering things. If all else fails, a fresh pair of socks always helps.

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